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A Big Update for the M6/M7/M9 Firmware

Posted by Deepak Gupta on

As one of the first players with full Bluetooth codec support, the M6/M7/M9 can play almost all audio formats and transmit audio via Bluetooth in high quality. In this update, we added the LDAC receiver function to make their Bluetooth even more powerful. In addition, we also update the app white list with more apps.

See below for the details:
1. Added LDAC receiver function (when the Bluetooth decoding amp mode is enabled, the player will switch to the LDAC automatically if the connected Bluetooth transmission device supports LDAC);
2. Added gapless playback for DSD tracks;
3. Added support for DSD CUE splitting;
4. Added support for splitting multiple tracks in a single CUE sheet;
5. Added support for APK file transfer using 'WiFi Music Transfer' function (you may transfer APK files to the player from your computer or phone);
6. Improved the display of default album covers(If you're currently using the 'Deep black' theme for FiiO Music, it's suggested to switch the theme to 'Simplicity white' after the update then back to 'Deep black' to get the best display effect) ;
7.Improved the FiiO Link function (now the connection will always remain active after enabled);
8. Fixed issue where the display location of the list could not be remembered after deleting a track from it;
9. Fixed issue where tracks in the Recently Added list were not sorted by the adding time;
10. Added new apps to the white list of M6/M9: Amazon Music、Radio World、SoundCloud、TuneIn Radio;
11. Updated Tidal to version (with MQA support).
12. Added FiiO Link function to M7.

Update your player right now to enjoy the new features~

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  • You need to download the tidal app update and then transfer to the m9 to update the tidal app. Should work just fine after that

    Josh on
  • With the new firmware, tidal won’t open anymore… It’s a huge setback. Considering selling my unit since I was only using it for Tidal.

    Jerome on
  • Tidal app no longer works with new update.

    Andrew on
  • Can’t see any benefit of these updates to me but an almighty downside is that I can no longer see the track titles as they are all truncated, they no longer scroll!

    Raymond on

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