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Best Audio Products of 2018 - Gadgets360

Posted by Deepak Gupta on

Best Audio Products of 2018 - Gadgets360

Fiio M3K

The M3K is an entry-level high-resolution audio player from Fiio, a company which has garnered a lot of respect amongst audiophiles in a relatively short span of time. The M3K uses the AKM AK4376A DAC (digital to analog converter) which is capable of decoding up to 384KHz/ 32-bit audio.

The device supports almost all popular high-resolution and lossy music formats (such as FLAC, ALAC, WAV, and MP3), and has a claimed battery life of 24 hours. Additionally, it supports microSD cards of up to 512GB and can be used as an external DAC with your Mac, PC, Android smartphone, or iPhone.

This product offers immense value for money and is the perfect gadget for an audiophile on a budget. At Rs. 5,999, it lowers the entry point into the world of high-resolution audio and that is the primary reason for its inclusion in this list.

Fiio FH1

The Fiio FH1 is one of a rare breed of earphones that manages to deliver deep and punchy bass without heavily compromising the rest of the frequencies. This is a result of the dual drivers present in each earbud — a balanced-armature driver tasked with handling the mids and highs, and a dynamic driver that takes care of the bass and lower mids.

Adding to its appeal, the FH1 is built well, looks premium, is quite comfortable, and comes with detachable cables. Fiio also throws in a waterproof hard case in the box, which is of extremely high-quality. Purists might find the bass overbearing at times but for most, the FH1, which can be found online for Rs. 5,990, is a great entry point into the never-ending audiophile world.

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