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Best Portable Headphone Amplifier & DACs from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 10000

Posted by Deepak Gupta on

If you are looking for portable headphone amp or dac and budget is up to Rs. 10,000 then you're at right place! 

FiiO A5 Portable Headphone Amplifier

A5 combines the best of both the E12 and the E12A. Beyond just getting output power near that of the E12 with 800mW at 32 Ω, you also get the E12A’s exquisite abilities in reproducing music. And with the low/high gain switch you can enjoy the A5 on all kinds of headphones, from the most sensitive IEMs to the most power-hungry headphones.

Rs. 8990


FiiO K5 Docking Headphone Amplifier

The K5 utilizes exclusive technology  to lower its output impedance to a transparent <1Ω  and increase its maximum output power to up to  1.5W@32Ω. Utilizing an extra current amplification  stage and comprising an internal high efficiency, low  noise power supply, the K5 has high current output,  satisfying highly dynamic program material, and has  three gain settings suitable for headphones of different  sensitivities.

Rs. 7490


FiiO Q1 Mark II Portable Amplifier & DAC

FiiO Q1 Mark II equipped with the XMOS platform, it supports decoding up to 384 kHz/32 bit PCM as well as DSD256. It employs DAC and amplifier parts, Official Apple MFi certification, is specifically designed for the iPhone, supports decoding Sony Walkman, and even partners well with your computer while being a perfect companion to players.

Rs. 7990


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