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FiiO Control APP V2.1.0 for iOS, Android device update now!

Posted by Deepak Gupta on

FiiO Control APP V2.1.0 for iOS, Android device update now!

Changes and improvements about new FiiO Control APP are as follows :

1. Added app controlling of FiiO BTA30;
2. Added app controlling of FiiO UTWS3;
3. Added Bluetooth device renaming function (requires the latest firmware to be installed on the supported devices);
4. Added customized button control function for FiiO BTR5 (requires the latest firmware to be installed on the BTR5);
5. Miscellaneous bug fixes.


For Android users, search “FiiO Control” in any application market to download it. Besides, you can scan the following QR code, or directly download this APK files(Click here) and then copy it to FiiO players or cell phones.


For iOS users, search “FiiO Control” in App Store to download it. Besides, you can scan the following QR code to get it.

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