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FiiO F5 Review by Headfonia

Posted by Deepak Gupta on


The new Fiio F5 is a one dynamic driven IEM that is made out of Anodized and galvanized aluminum alloys. The driver’s size is rather large with its 13.6mm and it features an aerospace titanium diaphragm. Fiio also got the yellow Hi-Res Audio label for their latest IEM. The Fiio F5 comes both with a single ended as well as a 2.5mm balanced cable, so the cables are detachable.

The 3.5mm single ended cable has in-line controls and is made with 24 strand OFC. The 2.5mm balanced versions adds 66 stranded copper wiring extra on top of its core, for extra shielding. It’s the first time that Fiio releases an IEM with a balanced cable. According to Fiio their balanced cable reduces left and right channel crosstalk as well as external interference to the audio signal and it improves the signal to noise ratio.

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