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FiiO F9 PRO Review By Head-Fi

Posted by Deepak Gupta on

FiiO Flagship F9 PRO. Yes Indeed.

Welcome to this review. I participated in the headfi tour for the FiiO's flagship hybrid ear phone the F9 PRO; one dynamic driver and two knowles balance armature drivers. And I am writing this review after having spent some time listening to the F9 PRO in my unique way. As the F9 PRO is the newest and the most advanced ear phone to date that I have encountered, I approach this review with a challenge to myself that I would find something to point out in both camps, positive and negative. And what I discovered was that filling the positive camp with observations was easy. But filling the negative camp was not so much as easy. In fact I will explain what happened shortly. The overall rating of this precision engineered F9 PRO is a resounding thumbs up and a recommendation that goes as far as to say life is too short "have cake and eat it too," I'm just saying.
F9 PRO triple driver head-fi review

Ok, where do I begin? Instead of the organized and methodical approach to analyzing like in a school textbook, lets just go all over the place. I say this because the F9 PRO is great at projecting the sound presentation all over the place. It creates a listening environment that is so much like listening to big headphones and even speakers, I am amazed. This to me is very appreciative on a number of levels. For one, I found a headphone that does not mess up my hair in the F9 PRO. And second, bigger is better when it comes to sound, but F9 PRO does this with even more desirable qualities that headphones and speakers simply can not match; i.e. noise isolation, clarity, portability, and so on. Speaking of positives, I could prolly go on and on about the balance armature that there are two knowles and they bring very excellent clarity, separation, and coherence with the rest of the sound presentation. Music with a lot going on is presented like F9 PRO is not breaking a sweat delivering the nuances of the subtle details in each and every sound in the music. In another words, no mud can be found here. I really was impressed how the details in the voices and the strings became evident; where all of the details that a microphone can pick up, the F9 PRO delivers untarnished. And another important factor to mention is how well F9 PRO gets along in the community. For explanation please feel free to continue to the next section.

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