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FiiO Music App Android version V3.0.3 update now!

Posted by Deepak Gupta on

FiiO Music App Android version V3.0.3 update now!

Changes and improvements about new Android APP are as follows :

1. Added full-screen album cover display and spectrum display (can be set in app settings -> Theme -> Now playing menu);
Note: In the spectrum display mode, click the title or artist display area activate the time progress bar; switch to the lyric page and then return to the cover page to hide the bar;
2. Added displaying the total number of tracks in the track list;
3. Added a new function of ignoring the audio focus;
4. Added sorting by artist under the Album category;
5. Added a new function of switching between album list display or track list display under the Artist/Genre category;
6. Added support for using any image file as custom album cover;
7. Added support for the OTG function;
8. Added file sorting in FiiO Link mode;
9. Added sliding on the bottom control bar to skip tracks in FiiO Link mode;
10. Miscellaneous improvements.


Android FiiO Music app-V3.0.3: Click here

FiiO Music app-V3.0.3 for X series Android players: Click here

FiiO Music app-V3.0.3 for M series Android players: Click here


How to update the FiiO Music app in mobile phone:
Search and download FiiO Music in the App Store on your device!

How to update the FiiO Music app in players:
Set the device to storage mode and connect to computer, drag the downloaded FiiO Music (.apk) to the device. Then disconnect the connection and enter ES file explorer/file manager, find the FiiO Music app in internal storage/sd card and click install.

Can I install the FiiO Music Android version on the M6/M7/M9:
Yes, if you would like to install the FiiO Music Android version in the M6/M7/M9, you would need to uninstall the embedded FiiO Music APP first(How to uninstall: Please go to Settings -> General -> Apps, locate and click on the app that you want to uninstall, and then click the 'UNINSTALL' icon.)

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