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FiiO Music App for Android Beta Version

Posted by Deepak Gupta on

FiiO Music Android App public beta version v0.0.8 is now available

Main features:
1. Supports most of the mainstream audio formats including DSD, WAV, FLAC, APE, AIF, ALAC, MP3, OGG, WMA, etc.;
2. Supports DoP output to external DACs, such as FiiO Q5/Q1MKII, Chord Mojo, etc.;
3. Supports CUE sheet;
4. Supports resume playing;
5. Supports Gapless playback;
6. Supports skipping through folders;
7. Supports playing by all songs, artist, albums (sort by track no.), genre, folder, custom playlist, etc.
8. Supports DLNA;
9. Supports controlling FiiO Q5.

apk download link:…
(download the apk file to the Android phone and click it to install)


1. There might be screen adaption issue for a few devices. If you find this issue on your device, please kindly leave the information of your device's model no. and screen resolution, so to help us improve it.
2. This version currently requires the Android 6.0 or later, and it's not suitable for FiiO X7/X5III/X7MKII, which will be improved in the future.
3. You'll need to update the firmware of your Q5 to the latest version before controlling it through this app. For updating, please check:…

Change log of the v0.0.8 beta:

1. Added new function of swiping down in the playback menu to return to previous level;
2. Added new function of adjusting the display color of the lyrics;
3. Improved the skip through folders function;
4. Fixed issue where there was no output when playing DSD tracks;
5. Fixed issue where the album art will be loaded repeatedly when switching the track list;
6. Fixed some bugs that may cause the app to exit abnormally;
7. Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.

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  • FiiO Music App for Android Beta Version – FiiO India

    mjvzyzsyqi on
  • FiiO Music App for Android Beta Version – FiiO India

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  • FiiO Music App for Android Beta Version – FiiO India

    ntbtdeoyhj on
  • FiiO Music App for Android Beta Version – FiiO India

    vqeirnknkl on
  • The FiiO music app, Version 1.1.9, on my recently purchased M11Pro is completely useless for playing classical music albums, or albums of any kind where order of track play is important, since it will not play an album, whether single or multi disc, from start to finish in order by disc/track number.

    So much for purchasing an M11 to replace a CD player, or long playing (LP) album of any kind.

    Instead the app imposes its own order of play by some obscure file naming or undocumented algorithmic conventions that seem to have been built by default into the software.

    ‘FiiO Music’ seems to have been designed by people who don’t know music, other than, as another frustrated user recently commented on FiiO’s mainstream user forums, Lady Gaga or other single track pop songs.

    Do these engineers somehow think that their default playback order algorithms should override what the great composers (Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin … etc) wrote down on their compositions, or LP album designers intended?

    Incredibly bad, and especially ludicrous if one is trying to listen to an opera or operetta, with libretto (i.e words too)

    I was attracted to an earlier page by Deepak Gupta in which he seemed to have announced a beta release of FiiO music that provided for optional playback by track number.

    Does such a version exist, or should I send my $900 CAD M11Pro back to New York and demand a refund?

    Bill Bradley on

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