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FiiO releases the new firmware FW1.4.3 for M3K

Posted by Deepak Gupta on


The following changes and improvements have been made to the FW1.4.3 compared to the FW1.3.0 on M3K:



1. Added a new "Cover display" setting item under the Play Settings to control whether the Playback screen and Lock screen will display the Album cover or not.
2. Added a new "Lyrics display" setting item under the Play Settings to control whether the lyrics are displayed in the Playback screen.
3. Added the "Replay gain" setting item under the Play Settings to turn on/off the replay gain function.
4. Added a new "file name display" setting item under the System Settings to switch between title/file name display.
5. Added "All Songs" under Category -> Artist, which brings together all the songs of the selected artists.
6. Fixed issue where the M3K may restart automatically when playing a particular type of tracks.
7. Fixed issue where holding the Return key would take effect even when screen is locked.
8. Improved the system stability


M3K - FW1.4.3click here


How to upgrade the M3Kclick here

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  • FW 1.4.3 not download. Showing error

    Rohan on
  • FW 1.4.3 seems to have some issues.

    - The Category section shows file names instead of track titles (in all lists – All Songs, Albums etc.). That doesn’t look like an update.
    - Pausing the playback does not show the big pause symbol on screen.
    - The font seems to have changed; the earlier one looked better.

    Frisbee on

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