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FiiO releases the new firmware v1.0 for BTR3

Posted by Deepak Gupta on

BTR3-v1.0(v1030) firmware introduces new features and improvements:

1. Added app control feature (required to connect the device via Bluetooth, and can be viewed on FiiO Music settings);

2. Fixed issue where it might not work when connecting with the smart phone by USB;

3. Fixed issue where the maximum output would be smaller than normal when connecting with the smart phone by USB;

4. Fixed issue where the Bluetooth codec display in FiiO Music app would not refresh after switching to another sound source when connecting with two Bluetooth sources at that same time; 

5. Reduced the distortion of the built-in microphone;

6. Improved the stability of connecting with FiiO Music app;


7. About the implemented features of BTR option in FiiO Music app:

7.1 displaying the firmware version for BTR3

7.2 RGB indicator option (ON/OFF)

7.3 Charge option (ON/OFF)

7.4 Select input device: Auto/Manual

Note: This option is Auto by default; 

Under Manual mode: it is required to press the Power button two times quickly if switching to another device; It is required to press the Power button three times quickly if switching to USB DAC mode.

7.5 Channel balance option (L12~R12)

7.6 Select Bluetooth codec

Note: All Bluetooth codecs are selected by default; After the codec setting is changed, the BTR3 will disconnect and hen reconnect automatically for the changes to take effect.

7.7 Lowpass filter 

7.8 Guide 



1. The latest Android version 1.0.4 of FiiO Music app is already available, and you could download it from Google Play Store directly or by this link: click here ;  The iOS version FiiO Music app has been submitted to Apple company for review. You could download the new version FiiO Music app from App store once it has been approved.          

2. It will be displayed as version 1.0 on new FiiO Music app after upgrading the BTR3 to firmware v1.0(v1030).

3. It is highly suggested to upgrade BTR3 to firmware v1.0 first, if you want to make the BTR3 works with the lastest version FiiO Music app.



BTR3 firmware v1.0click here

How to upgrade the BTR3: click here


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  • Any Idea when EQ support will be coming? Also, will there be an ambient mode where you can hear your surroundings?

    Mayur Kulkarni on

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