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FiiO X1 2nd Gen Reviewed By Next Thinkerz

Posted by Deepak Gupta on

FiiO X1 2nd Gen Review - An Old School Audio Gadget.

Remember the good old days, when the first ever iPod got announced, and everyone went crazy on it. The fact that it was portable, tiny & could slide easily into your pocket made it famous. Ever since it got launched back in 2001, we've evolved our music listening habits by time, while now mostly everything has been replaced by a small gadget called a "Smartphone." Well, Smartphones can do everything these days, but it cannot replace the essence of being straightforward or make you less worried about them in places such as the gym. Are you comfortable using a portable music player while you head for your workout? Why am I exaggerating on this subject rather than just diluting the thought of using a smartphone for enjoying music? Well, a company called FiiO sent me one of their products called "FiiO X1 2nd Gen". Yes, it's a portable music player that imitates the click wheel function of an iPod, while providing flexibility of using a Bluetooth headset. It supports FLAC files for audio and has Hi-Res audio support, speaking of which only a few smartphones can do such a thing. Just so you know, FiiO is a well-known chinese brand when it comes to Amplifiers, DACs and Hi-Res audio support. So I thought to give it a try, so here is my in-depth Fiio X1 2nd Gen Review after using it for nearly two months. 

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Design & Build:

  The FiiO X1(2nd Gen) looks like any other retro music player which provides a positive transition of being compact, sleek and pocket-friendly. Starting from the front you can see that, it has a distinctive look which is quite reminiscent of the classic iPod design, more so likely due to that capacitive click wheel. The front has a stealthy black look which covers the physical buttons while surrounds the display. Besides that, the outline has been made out of aluminum metal, which ends up making the FiiO X1(2nd Gen) thick. We had received the silver color model; however, the black color variant looks a lot better according to our research out of the three original colors. It has a 2 inch TFT LCD screen which sports a 320x240 resolution. The screen is covered by a pre-applied screen guard, while you can also find two extra provided inside the box.

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