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Headfonia's Review Of FiiO X7 Mark II High Resolution Music Player

Posted by Deepak Gupta on

FiiO X7ii is FiiO’s Best DAP They’ve Ever Made


When Fiio released the 3rd generation of their X5 DAP, everyone fell in love immediately with how it looked and how easy it was to use compared to other DAPs. Sure there were some funny comments on how it was made to look like the Astell&Kern AK380 but in the end that Fiio design really was excellent. It actually also I my personal favorite Fiio DAP design, and I prefer its looks and usability  over those of the original X7 and even this new X7ii.

As everyone loved the X5iii design, it was clear Fiio was going to do something with that for the X7ii. The problem of course was that the X7-series are using the changeable AM amplifier modules, so they couldn’t just copy the X5iii’s design. Fiio came up with a sort of hybrid design which basically is a mix of the X5iii’s lay-out and the X7’s vertical looks and dimensions.

FiiO-X7-Mark-2The new Fiio X7ii measures 128.7 x 67.2 x 15.5 and weighs only 210g which makes it slightly lighter than the 220g X7. The Fiio X7ii still shares the 480 x 800 (3.97″) IPS TFT touch screen for that matter, and it comes with a pre-applied tempered glass screen protector. You can still use the old AM amplifier modules on the X7ii but with the new modules, like the AM3A, you will have to use the side mount to make the design keep its slick looks.
FiiO X7 Mark II Specifications
The silver X7ii’s frame is as good and beautiful as it was before (titanium colored CNC Machined aluminum alloy). It’s also very nice to see the color of the AM modules now finally fits the color of the X7ii’s body.

Lay Out

Something that hasn’t changed is the typical blue LED on the front of the player. Some like it, some don’t but in the end it can be personalized, so if you don’t like it you can just turn it off. It’s a bit of a shame that the screen or at least the screen’s/glass surface doesn’t cover the full size of the player as it does with AK or the X5iii in example, but as Fiio is using the bottom mounted AM modules, that simply isn’t possible. It would have made the X7ii look a whole lot more sexy though.

On the left side of the player we now find the play/pause button on top with the new non clickable volume wheel situated right below. Right under the volume wheel you can find the previous and next button and that’s all there is to see, as the volume button made a move to the top right side of the player. That’s actually a welcomed change for me and I’m sure the majority of X7 users will feel the same. On the left side of the top you’ll find the 3.5mm output which has a triple function: Analog line out, Digital optical out and digital coax out.

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FiiO X7 Mark II Specifications

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