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[New firmware] FiiO M3PRO FW1.1.0 is now available!

Posted by Deepak Gupta on

[New firmware] FiiO M3PRO FW1.1.0 is now available!

The following changes and improvements have been made in the new firmware:

1. Added car mode (system settings → car mode)
2. Added custom settings for volume buttons (system settings→volume buttons)
3. Added new filter setting (play setting → filter)
4. Added battery indicator on lock screen interface
5. Added SQ, HR, DSD and other identifiers in the playback interface
6. Added support for viewing e-books and galleries from folders
7. Fixed the issue that in the folder entry, currently playing song can’t be located when go back to the playlist after playing a song 
8. Fixed the abnormal display of the cover of tracks
9. Fixed the issue that in All, Favorites and New list entrances, clicking the previous song button to switch to the previous song, the number of playlists will not change.
10. Fixed the issue that album name of cue song can’t be recognized
11. Optimized index logic
12. Optimized the garbled problem of some songs
13. Miscellaneous improvements on performances.


Please visit the M3 Pro Firmware download page and download the M3 Pro firmware FW1.1.0

How to upgrade the M3 Pro:

Upgrade when the M3 Pro is powered on: Copy the firmware file to the root directory of the Micro SD card, go to system settings and click system upgrade. Note that do not unzip the file.

Upgrade when the M3 Pro is powered off: Copy the firmware file to the root directory of the Micro SD card, and then insert the card into the M3 Pro. Hold both the volume up and power button to enter the upgrade menu, and then release the button.

USB DAC driver for Windows 7/8/10: click here

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  • Plzz give the surrounding sound effects for fiio M3 pro.

    Pranab mondal on
  • Pulsar Music App can be considered as a reference.

    We really need a Bass Altering Slider in Equalizer Settings.

    A High Res Music Player without Customisable Equalizer?? I mean, really? M3K – The Predecessor to The M3Pro has it!

    Raunaq Banerjee on
  • Last update was provided in Sept. 2020.

    It has been eight months, no update yet! We need features like Customisable Equaliser, Album Art on Lock Screen, Configurable Wallpaper Option.

    Given Chipset supports 360p video playback feature. That can be skipped. But, features required to make M3Pro a High Res Audio Player are awaited in next update.

    Please don’t make us feel that we wasted our hard earned money getting what M3Pro is, as of now, running on FW1.1.0.

    Raunaq Banerjee on
  • Totally agree, please add Playback Speed option.
    I bought this player for Audiobooks.

    AI on
  • Please provide " Playback speed " settings in the next update for FIIO M3 PRO .It would be immensely helpful for listening Audio books. Thanks.

    Sayan Ghosh on

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