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New firmware FW1.1.5 for X5 3rd gen

Posted by Deepak Gupta on

FiiO releases the new firmware FW1.1.5 for X5 3rd gen

The following changes and improvements have been made to the FW1.1.5 compared to the FW1.1.4

1. Added SPDIF out settings for DoP/D2P switch (under Settings->Audio settings);
2. Added In-Vehicle mode;
3. Added sorting tracks by date added in the playlist;
4. Added the Google account settings;
5. Added the System Email application;
6. Improved the Search function (now when clicking on an album/artist in the search result list, it will take you directly to the corresponding album/artist list);
7. Improved the track loading method in the All Songs list;
8. Improved the display of long track titles/file names;
9. Fixed issue where some third-party apps could not scan for the local music;
10. Fixed issue where some FLAC/AAC tracks were played abnormally;
11.Fixed issue where the Resume function would not work with the iSO tracks;
12. Fixed issue where the dynamic wallpaper will be resetted to the default wallpaper after switching from Pure music mode to Android mode;
13. Fixed issue where the tracks would be played in incorrect order if clicking the Play button beside an artist to play it;
14. Fixed issue where the currently played artist/genre would not be highlighted under the Artist/Genre category;
15. Fixed issue where the duration of the APE track was displayed incorrectly.
16. Miscellaneous bug fixes
Note: When scanning a very large music library, it's suggested to use the "Scan selected folders" function to do multiple scans and scan for a limited number of songs each time, so to prevent the exceptions of data overloading.
Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Firmware download:

How to upgrade:

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