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New firmwares are available for the X7/X7MKII/X5III, with big upgrades on FiiO Music!

Posted by Deepak Gupta on

After about half a year of hard work, our engineers have finally accomplished the firmware update of the X7/X7MKII/X5III, bringing a big upgrade to the FiiO Music app as well as some improvements to the operating system. FiiO Music has now included many new features such as FiiO Link, HWA transmission, and WiFi song transfer. Moreover, we have added the AirPlay receiver function and also fixed the playback issue of some third-party music apps.

New features for FiiO Music:

1. Brand new interface and changeable themes;
2. Supports FiiO Link;
(The FiiO Music app on your Android phone should be upated to v1.0.7(click here) or above, if you want to use the FiiO Link function;
Here is the tutorial of FiiO Link function: click here)
3. Supports HWA transmission;
4. Supports ISO tracks in DST codec (single DSD tracks in DST codec are currently unsupported)
5. Supports Replay Gain;
6. Supports WiFi song transfer.

CLICK HERE to read Full details

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