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FiiO releases the new firmware for X5III/X7/X7MKII

Posted by Deepak Gupta on

FiiO releases the new firmware for X5III/X7/X7MKII

The changes and improvements about new firmware 1.2.5 for X5III, firmware 3.3.9 for X7 and firmware 1.1.0 for X7MKII are as follows:   1.Added FiiO Link control via WiFi (now for the Android app, you can choose to connect and control  FiiO devices via WiFi or Bluetooth; for the iOS app, it's only available via WiFi);2.Fixed issue where the player would stop playing in Line out/Coaxial out mode if the screen is off;3.Fixed issue where the Idle poweroff timer would still take effect when using USB Audio output;4.Fixed issue where the change of the Theme setting would not be saved if using user-defined images;5.Fixed issue where the audio was distorted when playing FLAC 192k tracks through DLNA;6.Fixed issue where the 'Skip through folders' function might work abnormally when 'Resume play' was  enabled;7.Improved issue where some characters of the track info were displayed incorrectly;8.Miscellaneous bug fixes. Firmware download:  Please visit the X5 3rd gen Firmware download page  and download the firmware FW1.2.5   Please visit the X7 Mark II Firmware download page  and download the firmware FW1.1.0    Please visit the X7 Firmware download page  and download the firmware FW3.3.9   USB DAC Driver(v4.47.0): Click here Instruction of installing USB DAC driver on Windows computer: Click here

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