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News — M9 firmware update

FiiO releases the new firmware for M6/M7/M9

Posted by Deepak Gupta on

FiiO releases the new firmware for M6/M7/M9

The following changes and improvements have been made to the FW1.0.6 compared to the FW1.0.5 on M7: 1.Added new access of the equalizer in FiiO Music settings;2.Improved issue where some characters of the track info were displayed incorrectly;3.Fixed issue where the there might be no output when using USB Audio output with screen off;4.Fixed issue where the player might play incorrectly if the user tapped the play button right after  exceptions occurred;5.Improved the search function (now tapping on an album/artist in the search result will lead to the  corresponding album/artist list);6.Miscellaneous bug fixes. Please visit the M7 Firmware download page  and download the firmware FW1.0.6  ...

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