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The FiiO F5 has been Reviewed By Headfonics

Posted by Deepak Gupta on

Android/iOS compatibility in one unbalanced cable

FiiO has been dabbling a little bit over the last year with single dynamic driver IEMs with the launch of the EX1, more recently the even cheaper F1 and F3 offerings

All of these seem to have gone down reasonably well with a good price point and decent performance. Admittedly they are designs in collaboration with companies such as DUNU among others and not 100% in-house creations but they did ‘break the ice” so to speak in putting FiiO’s name out there as an ‘IEM’ company.

However, with the launch of the F5 recently at $64.99 FiiO seem to be pushing a more focused vision. This vision got expanded considerably with the recent launch of their new X7 Mark II, X3 3rd Gen and the Q1 Mark II DAP and portable DAC/Amp combos.

You may have noticed this use of the term “Infinity Sound” in those launch events, one which is being used now also for the F5 IEM. As far as I can tell the big push here is “balanced connectivity” or a balanced cable option at is the case for the F5

This probably makes this IEM one of the cheapest around that sports a properly balanced cable option.

FiiO F5 - Headfonics

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