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The FiiO X3 Mark III Hi-Res Music Player Launched in India

Posted by Deepak Gupta on

FiiO X3 Mark III is available to buy in India

FiiO X3 Mark III gains a balanced 2.5mm output jack while maintaining the 3.5mm single-ended headphone output. This again doesn’t come with internal memory, but takes a microSD card up to 256GB in size. You’ll also get dual high performance PCM5242 DACs that are placed separately from the low-pass filter and headphone amplifier, hence reducing the potential for interference.

FiiO X3 Mark III

X3 1st gen was the ground breaking work of FiiO's music player and definitely a classic milestone product. To the audiophiles, our X3 1st gen makes our users realize that high resolution lossless music player could be so portable; to us, there is no doubt that it's a product with extraordinary significance. After upgraded to the X3 2nd gen, now we bring forward the all-new X3 Mark III. What kind of new music experience will it bring to FiiO users?

Based on the X3 2nd gen, the all-new X3 Mark III had been fully upgraded and improved from the perspectives of appearance design and hardware specifications: It inherits the design language of previous FiiO X-series players with five-button and scroll wheel layout; Unique “sandwich” structure makes it look even much thinner; The newly added balanced output gives a broader soundstage; Dual DACs for great sound wherever; Supports Bluetooth 4.1 and dual-mode Bluetooth; Multifunction Line Out/Coaxial Output with support for D2P and DoP; Moreover, you can choose between passionate red or graceful black, etc.

For the detailed introduction of X3 Mark III, please visit: FiiO X3 Mark III

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