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AM2 (Medium-power) Amplifier Module for X7, X7II, Q5 & Q5S

  • Rs. 3,990.00

Model AM1 AM2 AM3 AM5
Description IEM Type Medium-power Balanced Type High power
Battery Life 9h 8h 6h 6h
Internal Power Supply ±3.3V ±5.3/7.5V ±5V ±5.3/9V
Voltage Amplification Chip OPA1612 MUSES02 OPA1622 MUSES02
Current Amplifier Chip AD8397ARZ BUF634U OPA1622 TPA6120A2
Output Power (32Ω) 100 mW 300 mW 540mW(2.5mm) / 190mW(3.5mm) 500mW
THD+N (32Ω) 0.0008% 0.001% 0.0008% 0.001%
SNR (A-weighted) 115 dB 118 dB 115 dB 120 dB
Frequency Response (3dB) 10 Hz~76kHz 10 Hz~51kHz 5 Hz~83kHz 9 Hz~84kHz
Channel Separation (32Ω/1 kHz) 73 dB 72 dB 110 dB 72 dB

All in all, we hereby provide the suggestions as follows:

  1. If you are a stacking enthusiast, there is no doubt that the Non-amped module AM0 is your choice.
  2. If you already have 2.5mm balanced headphones/earphones, then go for balanced type AM3.
  3. If your headphone is not balanced type while with high impedance, then high-power type AM5 should be your first choice.
  4. If you mainly use earbuds or portable headphones, you may choose the Medium-power type AM2.
  5. If you only use earbuds with much care to its heat dissipation and battery life, then you may choose the IEM type AM1.

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