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LC-RC MMCX Replacement Cable

  • Rs. 5,500.00
  • Save Rs. 2,490


  • [Improving high-frequency resolution]: This greatly minimizes the adverse skin and proximity effects and thus reduces the resistance of the wires, letting signals travel through the wire more easily and purely. The LC-RC headphone cable uses high-purity silver-plated monocrystalline wire – specifically, 8 strands of 19 cores each for a total of 152 wires. Each wire is individually isolated and all are braided together in the Litz style.
  • [Swappable Plugs]: The LC-RC features swappable audio plugs, allowing you to freely switch between 2.5 Bal./3.5 SE/4.4mm Bal. plugs to accommodate a variety of music sources.
  • [Compatible with great variety of earphones]: High-quality expanded MMCX connectors are utterly reliable and ensure that the LC-RC upgrade cable can be compatible with a great variety of earphones. Plus “left blue right red” markings to help you easily identify how the cable should be connected.
  • [Good material used for outer sheath]: The TPU material is resistant against yellowing after long-term use and against stiffening even in low-temperature environments. So the outer sheath of this earphones cable we choose environmentally friendly German TPU material.
  • Connector Type: 2.5mm Jack

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