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Demo Amplifiers & DACs

  • Rs. 2,490.00

No COD order will be processed for Demo program

How does it work?

Step 1: Select the product type you wish to demo. Choose the model via the drop down menu.

Step 2: Proceed to add your contact and delivery details. Only prepaid payments are applicable for this program.

Step 3: We ship the product to you and you can trial it for a period of 4 days from date of delivery.

Step 4: A reverse pick-up will be arranged on the 5th day. Once the product reaches us and is QC verified, you can either opt for purchasing a new product or obtain a refund.


*A deduction towards shipping charges of Rs. 200 will be applied in case of a refund. The same will be deducted from the prepaid payment.

* In case of any missing items when the product is returned, charges will be applied as per the cost of the missing item.

* Returns will not be accepted after 10 days.

* For demo program Net banking payment method is recommended.

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