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FiiO M3 & Audio Technica ATH-S100

  • Rs. 4,889.00

Minimalist design

Unibody injection-molded construction, ivory / light gray colors forming a minimalist understated aesthetic. UV-cured matte coating applied for more comfortable grip.

Hard buttons for quick simple navigation

6 separate backlit buttons on front screen, realizing all navigation functions via finger presses and holds, allowing full sightless operation.

Long playtime

Allowing up to 24 hours continuous playtime, letting you enjoy music without break on extended trips.

Supports several lossless formats

The M3 is one of the few PMPs in its price range to offer an independent DAC, reducing the load on the SoC while improving music fidelity at the same time. The M3 supports lossless formats such as APE, FLAC, and WAV at up to 96kHz / 24 bit.

Micro SD card slot
Besides supporting 8GB of internal storage, the M3 also has a micro SD card slot supporting up to 64GB of additional storage.

Smaller, Lighter, More Portable

Only weighting 40g, the M3 is also tiny and highly portable.

Rich set of themes

Rich set of different display themes can satisfy different users’ personal needs and aesthetics. (to be realized in later firmware)

Customizable equalizer

The M3 comes loaded with 7 different equalizer modes, including Rock, Blues, Metal, Jazz, Classical, Electronic and Custom mode. Custom EQ can be set according to your preferences to create your own personalized sound signature.

Customized bundled earphones

To let users enjoy the M3’s sound quality more immediately, the M3 comes bundled with a pair of open earbuds. With its characteristic styling and high sound quality, it can show off the M3’s outstanding sound balance, letting you enjoy an immersive music experience anytime.

Your sports partner

To let users enjoy music on the run, we designed a sports armband customized for the M3. Having music accompany your sports journeys makes life simple and delightful.


  • Newly developed 36mm drivers reproduce powerful bass response and beat sound.
  • One-side 1.2 m cable minimizes uncomfortable pulling and tangling of headphone cable.
  • Lightweight compact design provides longtime listening comfort.
  • Less sound leakage with high-sealing earpads.
  • Swivel folding for easy portability.

    FiiO M3:
  • 1 Music Player
  • 1 Earphone
  • 1 cable
  • 1 Warranty card
  • 1 Quick start guide

    ATH S100:
  • 1 Headphone

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